Was the mask factory you worked with removed from the whitelist?

Was the mask factory you worked with removed from the whitelist? ——Recently discussed by the mask factory bosses: Have you been delisted by the US EUA?

Recently, a lot of mask factory owners asked me: Can you help me check if my factory has been delisted from the Chinese whitelist?

I was full of questions: why was it removed? Did you just get whitelisted because of EUA on May 1st? When I first told you, you were still happy for a long time.

My friend replied: Because we have just been removed from their EUA by "The changeable trump".

I immediately started an inquiry and found that this was indeed the case, and it was not just my friend. Of the 74 factories on the EUA, 60 were gone, and 14 were left.

Below I will show the results of my query:

According to Lee, from the beginning of April of the US EUA authorization, as of 4.26, 74 Chinese KN95 manufacturers have entered the US EUA white list.Of course, this also means that KN95 masks produced by manufacturers in this white list can be Allow access to the US market.

What exactly is EUA?

The full name of EUA (Emergency Use Authorization), Chinese is "emergency use authorization", from April 3, 2020, the US FDA began to implement the EUA system for KN95 masks made in China, which refers to the FDA whitelist ", that is, only the US EUA's Chinese-made KN95 masks can be successfully cleared in the United States and sold in the United States.

On April 21st, the US FDA issued a list of Chinese manufacturers of masks that have been "imported". 89 mask manufacturers in China were authorized to use (EUA), most of them are local Chinese manufacturers (such as BYD Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd. , Ogilvy Medical Products Co., Ltd., etc.), also including wholly foreign-owned enterprises (eg 3M China)

search website:https://www.fda.gov/media/136663/download

So why is there only 14 EUA whitelist mask manufacturers exporting to the US? The US official has not given any answer to this batch of screening lists so far. This wave of American Sao operation is really awesome ... As for whether it will continue to screen 14 whitelist manufacturers, it is not yet known. Follow-up can only wait for further observation!

However, there is a major question at present. Can these 60 whitelisted factories not continue to export KN95 to the United States?

Lee ’s suggestion is that the KN95 masks that are exported from China to the United States can be temporarily suspended. If we do not find this news in time, the United States does not know what moths will be created. The official whitelist released by Mimi is just like a joke, overnight Between 60 whitelists disappeared ... so to avoid trouble, I suggest you wait and see what happens next.

The speed of Trump's face change is indeed well-deserved. Everyone must pay more attention in special periods. Before that, KN95 has been sent to the United States. Are you okay? Will you worry about the impact of this change? What do you think about the future export to the US market?

Wonderful Interpretation(Valuable information,Tribute to you who fight the virus in the world):

Guide to Customs Clearance for the Export of Epidemic Prevention Materials-Official China Customs

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